How to Find A Coworking Space That Best Fits You

How to Find A Coworking Space That Best Fits You

Coworking is becoming increasingly prominent in the business world. However, some coworking spaces may not be the right match for you. Certain coworking spaces offer extra resources that are necessary for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and young professionals to succeed. So what should you look for in a coworking space? 

Find the Right Location

Do you want to work near your home or close to your clients? Choose a coworking space that is close to your area of service if you plan to meet with clients at your office. Make sure you factor in how long you are willing to commute to a space. You may be lucky to find a coworking space that is central to you and your clients. For example, The Foundry on Main is located in central Evansville right in the downtown area. North Main street is a great middle location from wherever you might be driving from in the city.

Choose the Best Amenities

Once you have a list of coworking spaces that you are interested in, go over what each one can offer you. Some coworking spaces offer special perks such as morning yoga, networking events, off-street parking, refreshments and snacks, high speed WiFi, copying and printing services, access to mentorship, large & small conference rooms, patio spaces, etc. Choosing a coworking space with networking opportunities may be more important for young professionals or small business owners while high-speed WiFi might be a necessity for those in an IT position.

Find the Right Space

Most coworking spaces have several options on what type of spaces you can rent per month. At The Foundry on Main, the options include: part-time private offices, full-time private offices, a collaborative suite, meeting rooms, or  the community room. Make sure you discuss all possible options before deciding on a space.

Get the Right Work Vibe

Every coworking space has a different community and atmosphere. It’s important to choose a place where you feel comfortable and fit in. Take advantage of the social opportunities coworking spaces offer. Many members decided to join a coworking space to gain the social aspect they lost when they became remote workers. If making friends is something you look forward to when starting a new job, treat your new coworking space the same way. Meshing with your fellow coworkers could make or break a coworking space.

The vibe of a coworking space also depends on it’s physical aesthetic. Does the coworking space you are interested in have enough windows and natural light? Are there comfortable couches or lounge areas? It’s very important to tour a coworking space before you use it. The Foundry on Main offers free tours so potential members can get a feel of the space and envision themselves in it.

Check the Coworking Events Schedule

Coworking spaces are sometimes known for their events. For entrepreneurs, a coworking event could account for most of their networking opportunities. Some spaces even invite their members to hold their own talks as a way to meet new people.

If you’re thinking about coworking, make sure to keep your options open. Coworking spaces are extremely flexible, so the research process should not be stressful. One benefit of a coworking space is having the ability to pick and choose what you want from a space.

Learn More

It’s true, entrepreneurs, free lancers, and young professionals thrive in coworking spaces. Evansville’s coworking space is small but growing. The Foundry on Main is proud to provide a work community for inspirational and talented individuals. Interested in our space? Visit our membership options or contact us to learn more!

July, 2022

Article by Brianna Ramaciotti and Maddie Dicken