Coworking: A Solution for Remote Workers

Coworking: A Solution for Remote Workers

After a worldwide pandemic, many businesses realized they could cut costs on office space if their workers were fully remote or hybrd. If you are a remote worker, you know that working from home sounds like a good deal at first but can become repetitive and distracting. Coworking spaces could be your solution. 

A Growing Trend

Many large cities (like Chicago, Louisville, Indianapolis, New York City, etc.) have been on the coworking trend for years. Some argued that coworking would eventually fade away at first, but it has continued to grow and transform into its own industry.

According to the Commercial Observer, it is estimated that coworking facilities are predicted to double or even triple in the next five years. As of Q2 in 2020, coworking has doubled its footprint since 2017 to 86 million sq ft. Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years.

No Year-to-Year Contracts

Coworking has completely changed the way people work. A flexible workspace, like The Foundry on Main’s coworking space, ensures that you avoid being tied to a long and costly lease. Membership options can be month to month, year to year, or even day to day.

The Social Aspect

The solitude of working from home can be overwhelming. Coworking spaces offer that human interaction that you may be missing. Many coworking spaces hold special networking events, like Lunch & Learns, but most coworking spaces offer general day-to-day social opportunities that you don’t get at home. 

The New Normal

Let’s face it, no one wants to be stuck in a lease for office space that they might outgrow. Coworking spaces are the simple choice, providing endless opportunities like meeting other entrepreneurs, attending monthly events, and acquiring the freedom to work when you want. 

Learn More

Evansville’s coworking scene is small but growing. Get back to your normal routine. Try Coworking. The Foundry on Main is proud to provide a work community for inspirational and talented individuals. Interested in our space? Visit our membership options or contact us to learn more!

June, 2022

Article by Brianna Ramaciotti and Maddie Dicken