Kasey Fanton- Community Member of the Month

Meet Kasey-  Our May Community Member of the Month

We love seeing Kasey’s smiling face at The Foundry on Main! We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with her and getting to know her much better. Kasey owns her own photography business, Photos by Kasey. She always knew she wanted to be a photographer because of the way her mother and grandmother showed her how important photography can be, and she loves the role photography plays in capturing the moment so that you can have special memories to look back on. It took her 4 years out of college to finally embark on her full time photography journey, but she is now thriving and hasn’t looked back since! Working for herself, serving her amazing clients, & doing what she loves has allowed her to create a life that she loves inside and outside of work!

We asked Kasey if she could have dinner with one influential person, dead or alive, who would it be? And what would you talk to them/ask them about? Kasey told us this,

“Oprah Winfrey – I would ask her about her journey and her perspective on life. I would ask her how she balanced her career and how she prioritized herself in the process. I would ask her what is the best advice she’d give to herself in her late 20s, and what helped her transform into this deeply peaceful and spiritual person. And I think I’d really just enjoy being around her presence and seeing how she hold herself! What a gift in-itself that would be!”

Community Living

Kasey is new(ish) to the area and moved here in 2020. She is originally from Peoria, IL but LOVES living in the Evansville area. She thrives on meeting other entrepreneurs and business owners.

“I feel like we have this deep understanding of the struggles of business ownership, and also the value of creating something from our heart!”

When it comes to local business in the Evansville/Newburgh area, Kasey has quite a few and we really can’t blame her! Some of her favorite local spots are: Emerald Design, The Beauty Room, Nice Color Salon, Greenish Spa, River City Coffee & Goods, Sixth & Zero, JO+CO, Opie & Elanor’s, Honey + Moon, and so many more on top of all of those!


Outside of owning her own business, Kasey’s favorite hobbies include: going on walks with or without a friend, hiking with her husband, hosting people in their home, and exploring new places! She is a dog mom of two, Duke and Diesel, and she enjoys reading, journaling, meditation, and trying her hand at arranging flowers for herself! 

Over the past two years, she has really dug into personal development work.

“It has seriously changed my life. I believe each person needs to have a therapist or life coach in their life.”

She is a huge lover of agriculture.

“I think the lifestyle, the science, the processes that are behind growing crops, harvesting them, and tending to livestock is fascinating. I have such a deep appreciation and respect for the people who feed the world! If you ever get the opportunity to ride in a combine, I HIGHLY recommend it! Sounds silly but it’s so fascinating!”

We love having Kasey as a member here at The Foundry on Main and we are so happy to help you get to know her better! 

Check out her website here – https://photosbykasey.com/

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