Who Makes Up a Coworking Space?

The Foundry on Main Coworking Space Evansville Indiana

Coworking, by definition, reads: the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.

There are many different types and groups of people who utilize coworking space. Sometimes people use it as a temporary work setting, while others use it as a permanent work spot, and then others use it as a place to land just a few times a month.  The Foundry on Main’s coworking space has something for everyone. In this blog post we are going to give examples of all the different types of people who occupy coworking spaces and why.

Solo Entrepreneurs: An entrepreneur is someone who runs their own business, we all know that. Solo entrepreneurs are individuals who start a business all on their own without the help from anyone else. Solo entrepreneurs are usually building up a product or working on their own project and are usually in need of office space. Not just to sit and work, but for meeting space with clients and an office address.

Corporate Companies: In more recent times, a lot of corporate companies have been finding their way into coworking spaces. Not only is this trend popular in America for corporations, but also in countries such as Europe and Asia. Corporate companies using a coworking space saves them the hassle of looking for real estate property and paying for the overhead of their own building. Leasing space in a coworking building is generally cheaper because it comes with all the amenities tied into your monthly price such as WiFi, printing, refreshments, snacks, parking, etc.

Freelancers: A freelancer is someone who is hired by different companies to perform projects and tasks based on their skills. Oftentimes, freelancers do not have permanent employment from an employer and therefore do not have any type of designated office space or area. Coworking spaces hold as a great alternative for freelancers instead of working from home. Typically, a freelancer is someone who is very creative, and being in a new space every now and then or even every day can help them keep their mind and creative juices flowing. Another huge plus for freelancers using a coworking space is the opportunity to meet new people and possibly find new networking opportunities.

Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs love using coworking spaces because they are getting the most they can out of an office space for the best pricing. They don’t always have the means to afford their own building and overhead, and that’s why coworking pricing works best for them. Not only are they getting a great deal, but they also get the benefits of the interior design and infrastructure of coworking buildings. Using a coworking space gives entrepreneurs more time to focus on their work vs having to worry about the upkeep of the office space and the infrastructure of the building.

Remote Workers: Someone who is given the choice of working in a modern office space with recreational activities and events vs traditional office culture is normally going to go with the modern space with additional amenities and access to events that could help boost their professionalism. There are many surveys that have shown that groups of people who work in a coworking space have more productivity than those who work in a traditional office. And they are generally happier too!

At The Foundry on Main’s coworking space there are several different types of people who use our space, and we are so happy to help them in their professional journey. At the moment we have 5 different businesses working out of our building from a local outdoor picnic small business, a website designing company, to a counseling service. There are coworking options here that can work for anyone and everyone. Whether you own your own business, work for a small company, work for a big company, want to hold an event, are a student, want to become more involved in the local community, etc. Coworking will work for you and The Foundry on Main is the perfect place to start, and we would love to have you stay for a while.

The Foundry on Main is a Dynamic Cowork Space on North Main Street in Evansville, IN offering an office environment for individuals that work remotely and for small companies in need of office space. Inspiring creativity, collaboration, and providing a positive environment for small, growing businesses to thrive.  Please contact us for more information.

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