Lori Sutton – Member of the Month

Lori Sutton The Foundry on MainMeet Lori Sutton! She has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from USI, and her MBA is from Indiana Wesleyan. She also holds the Certified Diversity Executive designation. She is also a board member at Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union, Girl Scouts of Southwestern Indiana, and Ascension St. Vincent Evansville Foundation. She grew up in Evansville, IN and has been married to her husband for 22 years. They have two children together, JaDrien and Aalyiah.

Lori decided to start working at The Foundry on Main when she recently accepted a position with Alcoa as their Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity, and Culture. It is her first time having a position that is 100% remote and The Foundry on Main’s coworking space is the perfect place for her to have an office where she can still see the smiling faces of other people every day. She does have an office of her own at home, but would prefer to work in a space as bright and refreshing as The Foundry on Main. It gives her the sense of still being part of a community while working a job that is fully remote. The Foundry on Main also makes for a great space for her own business, J.A.D.E consulting.

Lori started her consulting firm in September of 2020. “One of my favorite things to do is mentoring young girls and women. I feel that God has blessed me with many gifts, and I have an obligation to share those gifts with others.

My passion for diversity, equity and inclusion drives me to empower those who may feel underrepresented. I am very proud of where I grew up – inner city Evansville. I still have a lot to learn, but my childhood plays a huge part in who I am today. I want everyone to have the opportunity to excel in every facet of their life. I want people to be treated with respect no matter what form of diversity they bring.”

We love keeping things local, as The Foundry on Main is a local business itself. Lori says that some of her other favorite local businesses in the area are Divas Cookin Food Truck, Moochies Cupcakes, Turonis, and Milk & Sugar. For great apparel or marketing materials – she always contacts J&J Sports.

Her favorite things to do outside her working life is to spend time with her family and travel. “On the weekends, I love to binge watch Netflix,” says Lori.

If she could meet one person dead or alive and have dinner with them, she would love to meet Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “I would have a million questions. Primarily, where do we go from here to realize his dream.”

We also asked Lori to tell us two truths and a lie – try to guess which of these statements is the lie!

  • Her favorite season is fall
  • She loves going skydiving
  • She is the youngest of 8 kids

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