How to Achieve a Work-Life Balance: Why Coworking is the Answer

Last year, I said goodbye to my in-person office job. My job is definitely doable from the comfort of my own home, but I have since struggled to balance my career and home life. Achieving a work-life balance at a remote job is difficult; coworking could be the simplest answer.

First, here are some issues you may be experiencing at your remote job:

  1. There are distractions at home. You start to think: “Now that I’m at home–why not multi-task and throw in a load of laundry while I work?” Your productivity is bound to tank when you’re using your home as a working environment.
  2. It’s lonely. You feel like you can only message a coworker about work when you really want to reach out and have a casual, non-work conversation.
  3. It’s stressful. Working face-to-face balanced the stress of work with some social interaction. Now that you don’t see your clients or coworkers as much, the only thing left is the stress of your job.
  4. You may have more difficulties working at home. Conducting/attending meetings through video conferencing is difficult, and it’s challenging to make connections. It will never be the same as being face-to-face where you can get to know a client or hit it off with a new coworker. Have you ever set up a zoom with a new client and they have their camera turned off? How are you supposed to connect with them if you can’t see their face?

Being around like-minded people is the key to being successful in the workplace. So get out of the house, interact with others, or do something unproductive (like gossiping with a friend). All of these things can be achieved at a coworking space.

How to Achieve a Work-Life balance; Why Coworking is the Answer


The benefits of co-working include:

  • A dedicated work environment: Getting yourself out of the house is the first step. You need a change of scenery. You need a place you designate as your work environment.
  • Unprofessional friendship opportunities: Coworking spaces offer a chance to meet new friends. You lose the lonely feeling you once had at home.
  • No work fatigue: Coworking spaces offer social interaction. Now you feel as though you aren’t working the day away.
  • Increased productivity: The other members are working too so the distractions decrease while productivity increases.
  • Networking: Not only are you able to meet with clients face-to-face, you now have the opportunity to meet people from different professions to develop new professional relationships.

How to Achieve a Work-Life balance; Why Coworking is the Answer

When it comes down to it: you choose the vibe. Whether you are looking for a more social workplace environment or a more private workplace, coworking spaces have any option you can dream of. Using a coworking space can turn your work-life balance around in a heartbeat. It’s been heavily surveyed and proven that people are more productive in coworking spaces.


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January 19,2022

Article by Maddie Dicken